Kennel Scarlet Bevy

 jack russell terriers

JRT litter was born on 27.03.2012

Saltisgardens Charlotte Bronte + Scarlett Bevy JR Time to Shine - 1 girl and 2 boys


JRT litter was born on 27.11.2011

Inverbrae Dona Trista + Scarlett Bevy JR Red Mustang - 3 girls and 5 boys


JRT litter was born on 15.01.2011

dam SALTISGARDENS CHARLOTTE BRONTE sire COOL BOY PEMIKO  - 2 boys and 2 girls                 


   Males : Caspian Prince

           Jubilee Top Gallant

  Females : Royal Princess

                Orient Express  

                pics gallery       


Tervueren litter was born on 17.09.2010

Iiris and Gerberos got 4 puppies - 2 males and 2 females

   Males :    Mr Excellent

                 Mr Energizer

   Females : Miss Extra

                 Miss Electra

             pics gallery


JRT litter was born on 03.09.2010

Trista and Latino got 8 puppies - 4 males and 4 females


   Females : Good Romance, My Lady in Red, Powern  Glory, Ring of Roses

   Males : Just Perfect Domino, love Affair,  Time to Shine, Power O Love

                   pics gallery


JRT litter was born on 23.08.2009

Lotte and Tom got 1 male and 2 female puppies


   Male : Red Mustang

   Female : Extream Dream

                Shocolate Eqlaire


                     pics gallery


  JRT litter was born on 20.01.2009

Fanny and Latino got 5 beautiful malepuppies

 Big Boss

 Mini Cooper

 Rolling Stone

 Las Vegas

 Star Boy

 pics gallery


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